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Ningbo Polytechnic School

Ningbo Polytechnic School obtained its approval of establishment from the Education Ministry in 1999 and is now a comprehensive college specializing in vocational training. The college is also a key one which enjoys the special support from the Education Ministry.

Situated in Ningbo Beilun Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningbo Polytechnic covers an area of 55 hectares and its building area is 230,000 square meters. Ningbo Polytechnic has got 4 departments: Business, Engineering, Information and Adult Education. It is also a comprehensive college with a wide range of disciplines: machinery, information, business management, foreign languages and arts. There are now more than 13,000 students and over 300 capable teachers. Professor He Xianshi from Chinese Science Academy is now working as the leader of Ningbo Polytechnic.

Ningbo Polytechnic is now exploring a new path leading to successful institution of higher-learning education. The college is now sticking to the notion of setting foot on Beilun Port and the whole Zhejiang province, combining academic learning with industries and striving to establish a first-class college. The college also focuses on the cultivation model of centering on quality and capability cultivation. Taking advantage of density distribution of modern companies, the college has made much progress in terms of combination of learning, teaching and industries. There are now more than one hundred companies which are in cooperation with the college in terms of practice, scientific research and employment of students, with an employment rate of 100 percent.

The college has always attached great importance to quality, its formation of its own characteristics and its high-quality service. The aim of the college is becoming a first-class one in ten years. The college now is a vocational base for modern technology training.

Address:1069, Xindalu Road, BeiLun,Ningbo
Tel: 86891367
Buses:703, 704 ,705, 706, 707, 787, 782, 788

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