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Human Resources

■There are 15 universities and colleges in Ningbo such as Ningbo University, Nottingham University Ningbo China, Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University etc. Over 170 scientific research institutes are also available in Ningbo. In addition, prestigious universities nearby such as Zhejiang University could supply more than 100,000 graduates every year.

■By 2007, the total human resources volume of Ningbo has reached 605,000 with a ratio of 1072 out of every 10,000. The number of professional technical staff is about 420,000 with a ratio of 744 out of every 10,000. Among the total human resources, 21,000 obtain senior titles while 14,300 intermediate titles.

■Ningbo Labor Force & Human Resource Exchange Market tops one of the four largest in Mainland China with an annual exchange volume of 500,000. Popular talent and job hunting websites such as,, and job hunters like Manpower are capable of introducing high-level talents.

■There are 8 vocational technical institutes and 49 schools in NETD such as Ningbo Polytechnic, which has formed a multi-level customized vocational education system. Ningbo Polytechnic has opened 43 majors belonging to 11 categories, which involve mechanism, electronics, mold, computer, electronic information, biological chemistry, logistics and other majors closely related with local industries. There are more than 8,000 full-time students and 16,000 part-time students and trainees. All these colleges and institutes have extended cooperation with enterprises so as to develop a practical training pattern.

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